From a movie’s stirring theme music to the zoom of spaceships or the roar of racing car engines to the angry shouts and romantic whispers that deliver that perfect line, it’s the sound of the cinema that pins audiences to their seats. These sounds are vital cinematic elements that dramatically intensify the emotions of the movie-going experience. In the essence of keeping audiences fully enthralled, a HARMAN Professional cinema sound system that captures every audio nuance is essential.
Karaoke venues allow guests to come, perform with friends, and feel like stars for a night. Who better to provide the audio, video, and lighting solution to deliver that experience than HARMAN, who provides solutions for some of the biggest touring musical acts in the world? Our unique range of products allows us to provide a complete karaoke venue solution, from the lobby to the karaoke rooms to the bar and everywhere in between. With a scalable, integrated solution from HARMAN, venues can deliver the ultimate karaoke experience to guests.
No matter where you go in this world, you'll find JBL Installed Sound Speaker Systems at many of the most notable venues. With that kind of global perspective, JBL has come to respect the one indisputable truth of business: every customer is unique. A speaker system that is perfectly right for one job might be perfectly wrong for another. That's why JBL Installed Sound products offer a range of options without equal.
Portable PA loudspeakers are used in applications including sound reinforcement and stage monitoring for musicians and DJs, amplification of electronic musical instruments and AN. JBL offers portable PA products that cover the spectrum of price and performance. In clubs, rehearsal halls, festivals, events, houses of worship and ballrooms JBL portable PA speakers deliver unmatched performance and value.
Music tours and live events require the perfect technology solution to immerse attendees in all the sights and sounds of the event. With HARMAN audio, video and lighting solutions, our touring and events clients can deliver high-impact experiences to event-goers using dynamic audio and impressive visuals. With crystal-clear audio and exciting effects brought by an unrivaled family of legendary brands, HARMAN Professional Solutions is your single point of contact to meet all your tour AVL needs.
JBL recording & broadcast products are meticulously built to deliver the most accurate and precise sound that professionals demand.
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