AMX products are unique in that they include a variety of ways to ensure optimal video and audio is delivered over any network segment or link – whether a managed local-area network, fiber uplink, or low bit-rate internet connection.
Today’s workforce is more skilled than ever, bursting with ideas, and driven to succeed. However, collaboration in the modern workspace can be a challenge. Introducing Acendo, a collaboration product family designed with the IT professional and end user in mind – easy to install, zero programming, and interfaces that behave exactly as you’d expect.
User interfaces allow you to interact with the technology in the room. When you press a button on a Modero® Touch Panel or Metreau® Keypad, it sends a message back to the Enova® DVX or NetLinx® Central Controller, which responds to the interaction.
Device control devices are the back-end devices that make a control system operate. The control processor in the Central Controller receives user interactions from User Interface devices, and then tells the controlled devices (TV, Blu-ray Player, lights, screens, etc.) to perform the desired action.
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