Automated Lights
Lighting Automation is the discipline of creating automated changes in lighting levels to affect mood, emphasize architecture, illuminate art, and influence action. Automated lighting from Martin can be described like the rising or setting of the sun.
Static Lights
Static Light is ideal for multiple applications, ranging from cabaret clubs and theatre through to conferences exhibitions, live shows, TV events, stage, and concerts. It offers full electronic dimming and variable strobe effects. Designers can achieve a variety of exciting looks.
Effect Lights
Effect light offers the extreme brightness but with substantially lower peak power consumption. Suitable for indoor use.
LED lighting solutions for the interior and exterior architectural lighting specification markets.
LED Video
LED video fixture for media facades and creative installations. The fixtures can be fully customized to match every installation requirement, while the power source is hidden.
Atmospheric Effects
Atmospheric effects enable musicians to achieve professional lighting effects, regardless of lighting experience.
Lighting Controllers designed for control lighting devices. Including cuelists, channels, submasters or inhibitives for Martin products.
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