(Uninstallation) Kaze Series - SRK10CXV-W1

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Kaze series is non-inverter air conditioner system. SRK10CXV-W1 has a cooling capacity of 9,175 BTU/H suitable for 9-12 sq.m.. The air conditioner can distribute a quiet air flow and longest reach to 11 meters with Jet Flow Technology. The key function comprises Hi Power Operation that delivers powerful cool air to cool the room in 15 minutes. Moreover the indoor unit coated tourmaline sheet to generates negative ions to keep the air fresh like staying in forest or waterfall with 24 Hour ION function and Self Clean Operation system helps the indoor unit dry up and restrain the growth of mold. In addtion it is upgraded the fresh air with the Nano Air Filter PM2.5 and Natural Solar Filter that helps to protect you from PM2.5 small particles and odors.

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More Information
Brand Mitsubishi Heavy Duty
Air Conditioner type Wall Type
Model SRK/C10CXV-W1
Cooling Capacity 9,175
Cooling Capacity 9,000 Btu/h
Heating Capacity -
Running Current (A) 3.3
SEER 13.25
Suitable Room 9-12 Sq.m.
Indoor Unit SRK10CXV-W1
Exterior Dimensions (HxWxD) 262 x 769 x 230 mm
Air distribution systems Jet Flow / Hi Power
Filter Nano Air Filter / Natural Solar Filter
Air purification system 24Hour ION / Self Clean Operation
Outdoor Unit SRC10CXV-W1
Exterior Dimensions (HxWxD) 540 x 780(+62) x290
Refrigerant (kg) R32 (0.45)
Refrigerant piping size : Liquid (inch) / Gas (inch) 6.35mm (1/4") / 9.52mm (3/8")
Expansion Device Capillary Tube
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