Mahajak Development Co., Ltd has been entrusted to oversee the installation of all sound, light and visual systems of the Church of Christ's affairs.

Installation details

The Acts of Christ Church has resolved to make a sound and light system, which is divided into 2 parts.

  1. Meeting room with 700 seats
    The room will be used for meetings and events of the foundation with the design of sound-image-lighting systems. The room is substantially large so we have decided to install the line array speakers to make sure that the sound will be clearly heard throughout the entire room as well as choosing to work with the image transmission via projector both left and right side for thorough viewing and have a stage lighting system to support events or exhibitions.
  2. Secondary school, elementary school, baby, toddler
    This is a classroom for children which will have an internal sound system to support while displaying images via projector and LED TV.

Product Installation

  • SHURE QLXD Series
  • Soundcraft SI Impact
  • DBX DriverRack
  • Crown XTI Series
  • JBL VRX Series
  • Extron DTP Series
  • Martin M-PC
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