Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School (Bangkok Prep)

Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School (Bangkok Prep)

Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School is one of the famous international schools in Thailand. Have the idea to build a school building to support students by dividing into 3 parts which are

  1. Auditorium room
  2. BlackBox room
  3. Music room and studio room

Installation details

Mahajak Development Co., Ltd has been awarded to be the sound, light and visual of various places management as the school needs.

  1. Auditorium room
    Sound system
    This room is used to studying, meeting-lecture and work. Fpr the audio system was installed the front speakers using the main speakers with front fill speakers at the front of the stage. All controlled management via a digital mixer and using Shure's microphone system as well.
    Visual system
    Use the system via AMX / SVSI for video transmission displayed via the projector with a 300 inch screen with FHD camera system.For broadcasting with recording and the video signal transmission system, they were operated by Barco wireless supports In which all systems are controlled through AMX system
    Stage lighting system
    This system supports many types of application usages which installed moving head Lamp, LED par, follow Spot, fresnel etc. All controlled via Martin's M-PC.
  2. BlackBox room
    This room can support the use of the students's exhibition or show case with friendly usage of sound system and stage lighting system. As a result, the function is not complicated. The sound system has installed with the cabinet speakers and control the power system with M-PC.
  3. Music room and Studio room
    This room can be used for teaching and learning in the applicaiton of recording and stuido usage. We installes the sound system with microphone and mixer etc.

Product Installation

  • SHURE KSM Series
  • SHURE SLX Series
  • Soundcraft SI IMPACT
  • JBL AE Series
  • JBL Control Series
  • Crown XTI Series
  • Barco Clickshare
  • AMX NX Series + Touch Panel
  • Martin M-Touch
  • Martin MH7 Hybrid
  • Martin Atomic 3000 DMX
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