Colosseum Pattaya

Colosseum Pattaya

Mahajak Development Co., Ltd has been entrusted to oversee the audio, visual, lighting and installation of equipment in the theater including Karaoke room

Installation details

Audio system
The show hall is specially designed to allow the audience to see the whole stage. All seats will be able to clearly see the stage without any corner or obstacle covering the stage at all and it has a capacity of more than 1,000 spectators. The JBL AM ​​Series , ASB Series, AC Series, PRX Series were installed.

Visual system
We designed and installed the visual system by using the video processor LED through HDMI transmission.

Stage lighting system
The use of various types of lighting instrument for the splendor of the show such as Martin M Series, Martin Rush MH Series, Martin Atomic Series, Martin Magnum Series, Martin DMX Series.

Karaoke Room
JBL KX Series and JBL KS Series were installed in this room.

Product Installation

  • Crown XLi Series
  • JBL KX Series
  • JBL KS Series
  • JBL EON Series
  • JBL ES Series
  • JBL AM Series
  • JBL ASB Series
  • JBL AC Series
  • JBL PRX Series
  • Soundcraft Signature Series
  • Martin M Series
  • Martin Rush MH Series
  • Martin Atomic Series
  • Martin Magnum Series
  • Martin DMX Series
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