Office of The Permanent Secretary for Defence Sri Saman

Office of The Permanent Secretary for Defence Sri Saman

The Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defence Sri Saman has built a multipurpose building that will be used for meetings, seminars and banquets with the following systems

  1. Sound system : It must support a variety of tasks whether it is a seminar or various catering
  2. Visual system : The customer wants to suit the room size and able to support the various types of image
  3. Stage lighting : The light spread evenly across all positions on the stage
  4. Control system : User friendly via wireless control

Installation details

Mahajak Development Co., Ltd has been entrusted to be responsible for the various systems of multi-purpose buildings at the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense (Sri Saman area). The meeting room has 2 main functions: use separately in each room or combine them into a larger room.

We have designed the system consistently with the use of various functions in the room by using the handheld wireless microphones and we also installed the wireless accessory because the meeting room is quite large. Therefore, it needs to add antennas signal, amplifier signal, amplifier, and broadcasters by using SHURE SLX wireless series. However, we have designed the SOUNDCRAFT Si Expression series with the BSS BLU digital audio enhancement and control system because the ceiling is quite high. We chose the 8 inch JBL control series speaker to install throughout the ceiling of the room. For the main room, we installed a 15 inch front speaker JBL model AM7215 and a 12 inch speaker JBL AM7212 / 95 low sound speakers for small soom while using JBL Model STX828S for stage monitor Speakers.

Product Installation

  • SHURE SLX wireless series
  • SHURE wireless acessories
  • JBL Control Series
  • JBL AM Series
  • SOUNDCRAFT Si Expression
  • CROWN CDi Series
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