Siam Makro Public Company Limited

Siam Makro Public Company Limited

Siam Makro Public Company Limited has been enlarged, has more employees Therefore the idea is to combine the two branches into one central place for management and organization management. And able to use the space to organize various activities of the organization consisting of a 5-story building consisting of

1.1 Exhibition Hall (Audio/ Visual/ Control System)
1.2 Small & Medium meeting room (Audio / Visual)
1.3 Boardroom meeting (Audio/ Visual/ Control System)
1.4 Convention Hall (Audio/ Visual/ Control System/ Stage Lighting)
1.5 Brain/Oberve/Focus room (Audio/ Visual/ Control System)

Installation details

Mahajak Development Co.,Ltd has been entrusted to Installation of sound, light and visual systems at the Exhibition Hall, Convention Hall, Board room, Meeting Room and karaoke rooms. A total of more than 40 rooms, this project has quite a number of meeting rooms. Focusing on meetings both within the organization Therefore want good quality products, both audio and video systems Particularly important highlights are the Exhibition Hall, Convention Hall. Emphasizing on the use of decorative items such as product launches Or the award of various stores etc. Equipment, the company therefore needs to use equipment that has the function matches the use of the room, such as the Exhibition Hall

Use 4 units of JBL CBT200LA speakers next to the project's hidden pillars for beauty. Including using the QLXD wireless microphone and And most importantly, Siam Makro Company is the first company to use Barco's HDMI signal transmission system and use LED Board as a Display 4mm screen size 4m x 2.23 m using AMX control system, can be used together with IPAD to operate wirelessly. The system at Siam Makro is a modern system.

Product Installation

  • Shure QLXD24A/SM58
  • Shure QLXD14A
  • Shure WL185TQG
  • Shure MX412D/C
  • JBL CSPM-1
  • JBL CBT Series
  • JBL AC Series
  • JBL KP Series
  • SoundCraft SIP3 +SiO-DANTE 5031819
  • BSS BLU Series
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