Srisawad Power 1979 Co., Ltd

Srisawad Power 1979 Co., Ltd

Srisawad Power 1979 Co.,Ltd. was establish in 2008. At present, the company offers auto-backed loans and home-backed loans through their 1,627 branches. The company wants to adjust the internal audio and visual systems, requiring good audio and video quality, easy to use and good after-sales service.

Installation details

Multi Purpose Hall
Audio system at the entrance hall with the use of equipment - Soundcraft analog mixer with BSS while we installed JBL Control 25-1 wall loudspeaker and JBL Control 16C/T ceiling loudspeaker. Addiitonally we also used the wireless microphone of Shure BLX series for clearer and good sound

Seminar Room
This room was designed for using in seminars and workshops. The sound system is installed by JBL CBT Series column speakers to cover the whole room and also has Kanexpro's visual system with AMX touch screen control system

Board Room
The room is used for internal management meetings which the system is All-in-one controll with AMX touch screen in the room and can be used manually.

Product Installation

  • JBL Control Series
  • SHURE BLX wireless microphone
  • BSS
  • AMX
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