U Nimman Hotel Chiang Mai

U Nimman Hotel Chiang Mai

Tan Bun Company Limited, under the management of Mr. Tan Passakornnatee, has the idea to build a 5 star hotel on Nimmanhaemin Road. Which is an area that is a gallery of many famous restaurants and it is located in a hip hip area. Therefore the customer requirement is to choose the modern, durable audio-visual systems and suitable with the various kinds of usage according to customers needs.

Installation details

Mahajak Development Co.,Ltd is responsible for Install sound system which able to support many types of applications such as organizing conferences, seminars, banquets, concerts, talk shows. Additionally, the system is designed to be able to support the function of the cabaret show in the future. Definitely, some components or audio eqipment added and support the exisitng units.

Product Installation

  • JBL VRX Series
  • JBL SRX Series
  • JBL PRX Series
  • JBL Control Series
  • CROWN Marco-Tech Series
  • CROWN CDi Series
  • JBL CSA Series
  • Soundcraft Si-Impact Series
  • SHURE BLX24RA/SM58-R12
  • SHURE MX418D/C-X
  • AMX NX2200
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