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What is the difference between onyx 4 and onyx 5?
The ONYX STUDIO 4 does have a slightly better sound quality. The other differences are: Updated Bluetooth Version: ONYX STUDIO 3 - Version 4.1 ONYX STUDIO 4 - Version 4.2 (250% faster and more reliable over-the-air data transmission)
How does the charging works,and how about countries using 240V?
Comes with a charging device power supply. For 240v, you may need a convertor to convert the wall plug connection.
Do you provide the same day delivery to NY?
Please check other delivery options for alternative ways of getting your purchases in New York. Pickup Available We have several mobile pickup locations in the city. They located in the following city districts: Manhattan Brooklyn Queens The Bronx ...
How can you take credit cards payments across the web?
There are three ways that merchants can take credit cards across the net. The first is by capturing card details securely, transmitting them to the desktop PC and then processing them through a normal PDQ facility. This option is only suitable if the...
Do you charge extra payments for fragile products?
No, there are no additional payments for fragile products.
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