KSM44A/SL-X ไมโครโฟน SHURE

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ราคาพิเศษ ฿41,900 ราคาปกติ ฿70,100
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ไมโครโฟนชนิด Condenser แบบ Multi-pattern สำหรับการบันทึกเสียงยอดเยี่ยม กับคุณสมบัติ Dual Gold Mylar Diaphragms พร้อมความสามารถปรับเลือกทิศทางการรับเสียงได้หลายรูปแบบ รวมถึง Preamplifier ที่ช่วยให้เสียงมีความคมชัด

  • Dual 1-inch, externally biased, ultra-thin, 2.5 micron, 24-karat gold-layered, low mass, Mylar® diaphragms provide superior transient response
  • Multiple polar patterns: cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional–for maximum flexibility in a wide variety of applications
  • Prethos™ Advanced Preamplifer Technology: provides transparency, extremely fast transient response and no crossover distortion, minimizes harmonic and intermodulation distortions
  • Groundbreaking self-noise specifications: 4 dB (cardioid), 6 dB (omnidirectional), 7.5 dB (bidirectional)
  • Full-range frequency response (20 Hz - 20 KHz) for an extremely accurate reproduction of voice and instruments
  • Highly consistent polar patterns
  • Premium electronic components and gold-plated internal and external connectors
  • Subsonic filter eliminates rumble from mechanical vibration below 17 Hz
  • 15 dB attenuation switch for handling high input SPL sound sources
  • 3-position switchable low-frequency filter virtually eliminates unwanted background noise and controls proximity effect
  • Durable zinc die-cast housing and hardened low carbon steel grille to protect the cartridge from accidental drops or misuse
  • An integrated three-stage pop protection grille to guard against wind and breath noise
  • An internal shock mount to reduce unwanted handling and stand noise
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More Information
แบรนด์ Shure
Frequency Response 20 to 20,000 Hz
Transducers Type Condenser (externally biased)
Connectors Three-pin professional audio (XLR). male, balanced
Weight 492 g