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The JBL® MS-10SD4 SLIM subwoofer is a 10-inch (250-millimeter), high-performance, premium subwoofer with advanced materials and manufacturing processes. The outstanding attribute of this subwoofer is its very minimal installation-depth requirement of just 2-3/8 inches (60 millimeters). Its dual voice-coil design allows for a wide variety of connection options using one or more subwoofers (4+4 ohm), no matter what amplifier drives them. Its advanced components include a reinforced flat-piston polypropylene cone, progressive spider, dual-roll fabric surround and nonmagnetic, cast-aluminum frame for high-energy transfer into its vented voice coils. Its power handling is 250 watts RMS (1000 watts peak), so it makes an excellent choice for virtually any system configuration and doesn’t need a monster power amplifier dedicated just to driving it. But perhaps the greatest installation benefit of this sub is its very modest enclosure volume requirements. The sub installs in just 2-3/8 inches (60 millimeters) of depth, which leaves a lot of room for passengers, cargo or other items. Quite simply, this subwoofer is loaded with the kind of premium features and innovation that you’d expect from the JBL brand.

  • High-Q, wide-range sub-bass performance
    JBL engineers designed the MS-10SD4 SLIM shallow-mount subwoofer to produce exceptional, precise bass from an amplifier capable of delivering up to 1000 watts of power.
  • Shallow mounting depth
    The MS-10SD4 SLIM subwoofer requires just 2-3/8 inches (60 millimeters) of installation depth, little more than the height of a credit card. This minimal installation depth vastly increases the number of places where you can install one or more this sub. Under seats, in rear-seat or trunk side panels (with custom enclosures), or behind a truck seat against a cab wall – wherever you want to put this subwoofer, it requires very thin installation depth.
  • Flat-piston polypropylene cone
    A subwoofer cone is a diaphragm of a piston that moves air. JBL engineers reconfigured a traditional conical diaphragm as flat, rigid polypropylene material that fits in the compact MS-10SD4 SLIM subwoofer chassis and has a lightweight and stiff composition. The result is an effective low-frequency diaphragm that reduces unwanted mechanical distortion under movements up to its linear-excursion (Xmax) limits.
  • Dual-roll laminated fabric surround
    A dual-roll laminated composite surround in the MS-10SD4 SLIM subwoofer offers a low profile and tremendous UV (ultraviolet) resistance. Its polyurethane/fabric blend exerts additional restoring force on the cone at high excursion, making its low-distortion bass even better.
  • Progressive spider
    Like its surround, the MS-10SD4 SLIM’s progressive spider allows progressively more resistive force as the cone reaches higher excursion. It also helps to keep the voice coil centered in the magnetic gap during the delivery of the important bass notes.
  • Cast-aluminum frame
    A proprietary cast-aluminum frame on the MS-10SD4 SLIM subwoofer ensures a rigid chassis for the sub’s moving parts. Since cast aluminum is nonmagnetic, more of the sub’s magnetism is focused on the voice coils to control the cone’s rapid, piston-like movement and reproduce even the most complex bass sounds faithfully.
  • Flexible, dual 4-ohm voice-coil design
    Dual voice coils in MS-10SD4 SLIM subwoofers offer the best range of wiring and system configuration options. Wire the voice coils in series for an 8-ohm load. Wire the voice coils in parallel for a 2-ohm load. When you’re using multiple subwoofers, the dual voice-coil configurations allow dual, triple and even quad subwoofer designs that match perfectly with the optimum amplifier load.
  • High-Q, wide-range sub-bass performance
    JBL engineers went off the charts for this revolutionary high-Q design with a very low compliance (Vas) to offer extremely effective bass performance in a small space. The low, easily moving compliance of the suspension, combined with the innovative surround and progressive spider to control cone movement as excursion is increased, gives the MS-10SD4 SLIM subwoofer unique mechanical attributes that revise conventional subwoofer thinking.
  • Small sealed and vented enclosure volumes
    The MS-10SD4 SLIM subwoofer provides amazing bass from a modest enclosure volume. We recommend just 0.5 cubic feet (14,161 cubic centimeters) for sealed designs and 1.0 cubic feet (28,321 cubic centimeters) for vented designs. Vented enclosures provide greater output than sealed enclosures given the same power, so the vented enclosure will work with smaller amplifiers.
  • Spring-loaded connection terminals
    MS-10SD4 SLIM subwoofers feature spring-loaded connection terminals for both voice coils, ensuring ease of connection for a variety of wire-gauge sizes. The sub’s push terminal also makes easy work of connecting series or parallel voice coils, or wiring to other subwoofers.
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More Information
แบรนด์ JBL
Power Handling Power Handling (RMS): 500W, Peak Power : 1000W
Impedance 4+4 ohms
Sensitivity (1 W @ 1m) : 86dB SPL
Frequency Response 34Hz-800Hz
Dimensions 60 x 243 mm
Warranty 1 Yrs


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