Nano M08BT มิกเซอร์ Soundcraft

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The excellent performance of Soundcraft Nano M08BT satisfies users' diverse tuning needs. Nano M08BT adopts the professional standards of Soundcraft. It is a small 8-channel mixer that supports various sound sources and has a variety of professional functions that are different from similar products.In addition to supporting traditional sound sources such as microphones and musical instruments, Nano M08BT also supports Bluetooth-enabled digital playback devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, Macs, and PCs. The mixer also has USB playback and recording functions, allowing to play supporting tracks in the USB flash drive or directly record and store it to the USB flash drive. When used at home or in a recording studio, the integrated USB audio interface of the Nano M08BT can work seamlessly with Mac and PC, making it easy for you to use commonly used audio production software to easily record, edit and play audio. Nano M08BT has flexible input and connection options, built-in compressor that can provide excellent sound, sound effect processor and vertical channel fader, etc., suitable for various application scenarios, including live performance, studio recording and fixed installation.More details Versatility suitable for various application scenarios Soundcraft Nano M08BT supports a variety of sound sources and digital devices to meet all your production and performance needs. Nano M08BT can not only plug in guitars and microphones, but also play audio on mobile phones wirelessly via Bluetooth. The mixer can record audio directly to a USB flash drive, or connect the mixer to a Mac or PC via USB, so that the mixer can be used as an audio interface. It is an excellent choice for your live or studio recording. USB playback and recording The era of complex technology is gone. With Soundcraft Nano M08BT, you can use a simple, ready-made USB flash drive loaded with playlists to play background music or intermission music. Moreover, Nano M08BT can record live performances directly to a USB flash drive, allowing you to relive your performances with great ease. Bluetooth connection No cables, no problems. Soundcraft Nano M08BT brings a rare and convenient experience. It can play audio on Bluetooth-enabled devices wirelessly, and it only requires a few devices or even a mixer to play supporting tracks and get the party done. Computer audio interface What your home or recording studio is missing is the Soundcraft Nano M08BT. The mixer can be connected to a Mac or PC via USB, making it an 8-channel audio interface that can be used with your favorite production software for recording, editing and tuning. Set professional functions in one Two built-in compressors provide outstanding microphone sound quality. The built-in processor provides echo, vocal, reverb and other effects to enhance vocal performance. In addition, the side LED volume level meter not only looks stunning and stylish, but also effectively displays the signal level on both sides of the mixer, allowing users to remotely monitor the level and input.

  • มิกเซอร์อนาล็อก 8 แชลแนล ขนาดกะทัดรัด รองรับบลูทูธ
  • มีประสิทธิภาพในการทำงานที่ดี ตอบสนองทุกความต้องการเสียงได้อย่างหลากหลาย
  • รองรับ input source ได้หลายช่องทางและมีฟังก์ชันการใช้งานระดับมืออาชีพ
  • สามารถรองรับการเล่นและบันทึกเพลงผ่าน USB Drive
  • รองรับการเชื่อมต่อบลูทูธ
  • เชื่อมต่อคอมพิวเตอร์ด้วย USB Interface

More Information
แบรนด์ Soundcraft
Mono Input Channel 4
Stereo Input Channel 3 (2 of TRS, 1 of RCA)
Phantom Power +48V Yes (Global)
Mono Input EQ 3 Bands
Faders 60 mm
Effects Yes (100 Presets)
Auxes No
Subgroups No
Mute groups No
Matrix Out No
USB Interface Yes (2-in, 2-out)


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